Wednesday, February 18, 2009

838: turning random curiosity into publishable work

Quick notes, 838, meeting with Amit:

  • Come up with a clear list of requirements. Don't sweat the existence of other systems. Go ahead, catalog those other systems, but make the system that meets your reqs.
  • Borrow from large-group collaboration research
  • --making room for more voices, allowing all to speak: recall the introductory survey/requirement idea
  • "social phenomenon is PB itself"
  • education! pre-test and post-test: "What do you think are the key issues in the budget?" test for educating
  • so these other systems exist -- they haven't been studied yet. The focus that makes the paper worthwhile is studying the system in the context of the constructs.
  • But what is your theory? What are you testing? You can't just go out, hand out a survey at random, and get a bunch of data. What is your theory? Go look on AISWorld, find the theory list.


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