Friday, July 25, 2008

Here's Your Speeding Ticket -- How's That for Customer Service?

Larry Grant, "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes: Regulatory Policy Comes Home," Government Reinventors, 2008.06.17:

  • "customer" doesn't make sense in regulatory situation
  • suppose cops gives you a speeding ticket; you aren't exactly a customer
  • note that Grant still looks for a "customer" in the relationship; he suggests in regulatory situations, the regulated are "compliers," while the general public is the "customer" receiving the benefit of government protection

California State Government Best Practices Wiki

State of California Best Practices Wiki:

  • in-house: only state employees can add content, though public can read
  • created this year
  • focused right now on five areas: correctional healthcare, customer service, Green California, HR, and IT
  • "powered by crowd-sourcing"
  • monitored by Calif. State Library staff, "who will edit material for defamatory, illegal or otherwise inappropriate content"
  • code of conduct: "respect your fellow State employees"
  • supervisor approval for submissions not required, but wiki encourages letting supervisors know what you post in order to spread the word about the site

Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau "Tap the Power" Bibliography

Heck of an idea: the Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau ("a non-partisan agency serving the Wisconsin Legislature since 1901") publishes Tap the Power, an online bibliography on major issues. Each issue bibliography is compiled and posted by an LRB staffer. Tap the Power also includes an apparently annual "Favorite Books" feature, listing books recommended by legislators and staff.


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