Thursday, January 29, 2009

PB Effects on Civil Society

Gianpaolo Baiocchi, Patrick Heller, and Marcelo Kunrath Silva.
"Making Space for Civil Society: Institutional Reforms and Local Democracy in Brazil."
Social Forces, Volume 86, Number 3, March 2008, pp. 911-936


  • eight-city matched-pair analysis, grids and everything!
  • still qualitative
  • looks at eight Brazilian cities, paired by region, one using PB, other not
  • best predictor of PB adoption: Worker's Party vote share (917)
  • --fits Bräutigam's (2004) finding that political party is a bigger factor than existence of PB itself in promoting pro-poor policy
  • found PB fostered some movement toward more engagement
  • found PB did not move any communities toward greater self-organization among citizens
  • note these PB efforts came from above, the elected Worker's Party govts.
  • in one city, Mauá, "civil society experienced a contraction of sorts": less clientelism (good), but autonomy (bad), but they also did PB wrong: consultative rather than fully participatory; lacked transparency, responsiveness to community needs, and decision-making mandate
  • Happy line for my local research: "...far too little research has focused on local civil societies" (931). Even if I don't cover that element for Baiocchi et al., I provide a case study in that direction, data that can be built on to fill that gap.


Democracy Spot said...

Hello Carl,

Those are good notes! I will keep on follwing.

I shall also make a post about this inn the PB group. Could you let a note on the wall of the PB group whenever you post something about it?

BTW, here's a paper by Celina Souza that I think might interest you

Democracy Spot said...

It is Tiago, btw.

caheidelberger said...

Tiago! Thanks! Coincidence: this very morning, I read a Souza's 2007 "Local Democratization in Brazil: Strengths and Dilemmas of Deliberative Democracy." I'll compare the two!

(By the way, it's Cory... which also is a funny coincidence, since I have had at least two other new acquaintances remember "Cory" as "Carl". Interesting universal linguistic quirk? :-) )


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